Airports should create permits for peer-to-peer car sharing just like they have for other new transportation industries.

Many Turo hosts offer to deliver their cars to areas near an airport — a service that many Turo guests demand. Travelers love skipping the bad customer service and long lines at the rental car counter, and a quick in-and-out pickup enhances any travel experience!

With prompting from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, many airports have been aggressive in trying to push Turo into a rental car designation and into all the hefty regulatory requirements associated with it. At the end of the day, however, Turo activity has very little impact on airport infrastructure or operations. Turo interactions are more akin to ride sharing or limo services than rental cars; Turo hosts don’t use any parking, kiosks, employees, signage, wayfinding, or shuttle buses.  

As a compromise, Turo has invited airports nationwide to work together on a brand new peer-to-peer car sharing permit that serves the interests of the airport while appropriately permitting and requiring fees from this emerging industry.