Turo customers are protected before, during, and after sharing a car.

Turo is committed to creating a safe, well-lit marketplace for all of our customers. This core value is embodied in how we screen our customers before they can list or book a car, how we handle any issues along the way, and the feedback system deployed after every transaction.

Hosts must meet rigorous safety requirements before listing cars on Turo, ensuring they meet mileage and age limits and have no outstanding safety recalls on the car. Likewise, all guests are screened before booking a car to reduce risky behavior in our marketplace.  

Any customer, host or guest, has access to 24/7 customer support and roadside assistance during each and every trip in the US, in case any concerns or issues arise. And in the spirit of social feedback and transparency, guests and hosts are prompted to rate their experience and provide feedback publicly and privately to their sharing partner and Turo.

Any policy discussion regarding safety and peer-to-peer car sharing should view the sharing experience on its own terms, and not in the context of another industry. Turo is willing to collaborate with any policymaker who recognizes Turo’s strong safety record and is interested in an open dialogue about augmenting safety in this emerging industry, rather than hastily trying to impose an incumbent regulation.