On August 23, 2018, Southern California saw a gathering of powerful women at the Ron Brown Summit’s Women’s Symposium.  Held in Irvine, California, the Summit featured, female leaders from the utilities industry, finance, the public sector, and tech industry who continued the push for gender equity in leadership roles across industries, and inspired strategies for females entrepreneurs to get their slice of the business pie.

Michelle Fang, Turo’s General Counsel, served as a featured panelist of the Women in Tech panel.  She immediately grabbed the crowd’s attention and admiration when she stated, “I’m tired of tech being all white and male!”  That set the tone for the panel and an honest discussion ensued about the unique challenges in diversifying the tech arena as well as other industries, and how to develop real strategies to achieve gender parity in the “C-suite” in all sectors.  

Fang also shared why listing a car on the Turo platform is an ideal micro business enterprise for women of color who still, unfortunately, earn less than their male counterparts.  Although Turo is not a silver bullet, for the many women who are single parents or whose spouse/partner is unemployed or unable to work, Turo provides an opportunity to bring needed income into those households.

The Ron Brown Summit was organized by the California Black Chamber of Commerce and Turo is a proud sponsor.  With nearly half of our customers identifying as people of color, we know Turo provides viable economic opportunities for everyone regardless of race or gender.

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