The Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times made their opinions known when it comes to peer-to-peer car sharing in Illinois. They both rightly called out the underhanded attempt by Enterprise Rent-A-Car during the last legislative session to pass a bill which would have unfairly regulated the peer-to-peer car sharing industry into oblivion. “We don’t buy the argument that peer-to-peer car sharing should be treated like the big rental car agencies. They are different business models catering to different needs.” Says the Tribune. The Sun Times states that the state should scrap “this hurried bill and give all sides a chance to seek the best way forward.”

Enterprise and the rest of the rental car industry enjoy a $200M annual sales tax loophole in the state of Illinois. They are counting on the legislature to ignore this fact as they call  for “parity” while pushing legislation designed to eliminate competition and consumer choice. Turo is not ignoring it. Like any bully, Enterprise will only back down when the Turo community stands up.

Governor Rauner listened to the Tribute and Sun-Times vetoed this terrible legislation.  But we know that Enterprise continues to push lawmakers to overturn the veto. Enterprise will not slow down in  this crusade to destroy their competition anytime soon. The good news is Turo will also not stop fighting for our community’s right to share cars to make a little extra money to cover their car payment or help with the bills.  

If you’re interested in joining our fight against SB 2641, please join our campaign here.  

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