Colorado Governor Jared Polis recently signed SB19-090, Colorado’s Peer-to-peer Car Sharing Act, into law. This bipartisan legislation signals a new era for shared mobility and the sharing economy in the Centennial State and beyond. Turo applauds Colorado lawmakers for taking an intelligent, innovative and consumer-minded approach to regulating peer-to-peer car sharing.

In the face of intense opposition and well-funded lobbying efforts by giant, multibillion-dollar rental car companies, Colorado’s peer-to-peer car sharing community came together to create an incredibly powerful voice; a voice heard by lawmakers over the ossified objections of Big Rental. The success of SB19-090 would not have been possible without hundreds of Turo Hosts and Guests participating in the legislative process. From Denver to Grand Junction and Fort Collins to Pueblo, the Colorado Turo community contacted their state elected officials and voiced their support for peer-to-peer car sharing.

Sponsored and supported by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, SB19-090 will allow peer-to-peer car sharing to thrive in a dynamic, fast-growing state. Specifically, the legislation promotes the safety of the peer-to-peer car sharing community by mandating robust standards and consumer protections, including: mandatory insurance protection for both Hosts and Guests during the entire car sharing period; transparent pricing; driver’s license verification; vehicle safety and much more.

Importantly, by establishing a wholly new regulatory framework, SB19-090 defines peer-to-peer car sharing for what it is: a dynamic, innovative and collaborative community of men and women, moms and dads, students and workers sharing their personal cars and providing new mobility solutions in Colorado.

The entire Turo team is incredibly proud of what our amazing peer-to-peer car sharing community was able to accomplish in Colorado this year. Ultimately, hard work, passion and innovation won the day; however, as we continue to move forward as an innovative community, the hard work continues. Rental car companies want to see peer-to-peer car sharing fail. They’re scared of competition and loath disruption – but together, we will continue to fight against Big Rental’s assault on peer-to-peer car sharing. Together, we will continue to win.