In early March, the Shared Use Mobility Center had their Annual Summit in Chicago, Illinois. At the Summit mobility solutions, including Turo, were able to share the impact and innovations they are making in mobility across the United States. As part of the Summit, I was able to speak on a panel about car sharing’s ability to create new mobility options for underserved communities.

With Turo’s recent release of our Economic Impact Report, I was able to share the results of the report and give some real-life examples of the benefits of peer-to-peer car sharing to the members of our community, our Hosts and Guests.

Some key points from the session on reaching underserved communities on the car sharing panel included: opportunities Turo creates to allow individuals to turn their personal vehicle into an economic engine, efforts to make mobility available to all demographics and how innovation can overcome geographic barriers when accessing a vehicle.

Turo is appreciative of the Shared Use Mobility Center and Executive Director Sharon Feigon’s willingness to lead such an important Summit that explores the benefits of mobility and the opportunities peer-to-peer car sharing creates for underserved communities.

Charles Melton