In 2018 Turo launched a survey to learn more about our vibrant community members and the issues that are important to them.  With over 2,000 responses from both hosts and guests, we learned more about who they are, why they use peer-to-peer car sharing, and the issues that are important to them.

I am proud to share our Economic Impact Report that shows the results of our community survey, highlighting some key results, including:

  • A vast majority of our community strongly agree that Turo is peer-to-peer car sharing, not a traditional rental car company.

  • Our community believes that it is important for their state government representatives to support peer-to-peer car sharing.

  • A majority of our hosts share their car to pay down their car loan, cover primary expenses or pay down student loans or debt.

  • Our community is diverse in their employment affiliation and in their race.

We are incredibly proud of our diverse community of Hosts and Guests and the growing impact peer-to-peer car sharing is making across the United States and beyond.

You can read the full Economic Impact Report here.

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