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What's Happening at SFO

We wanted to let you know that the availability of cars booked through Turo at San Francisco International Airport is in jeopardy, but you can help!
Traditional rental car companies are pushing the airport to impose fees and restrictions on car sharing hosts and their guests at SFO.
These proposals are unfair to Bay Area hosts who use Turo to transform their cars into earning engines, and travelers to the Bay Area who enjoy the convenience, choice, and accessibility of using Turo over traditional options.
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About the New York Issue


Given the unique nature of the insurance statute in New York, car sharing marketplaces that offer insurance protection to their users cannot operate there. Turo spent the last few years fighting for a change to New York law. Despite widespread bipartisan support for the legislation, the New York state legislature refused to bring the bill for a vote in June 2016.
We believe the citizens and travelers to New York are disadvantaged when car sharing marketplaces are not allowed to operate. Residents of and travelers to New York are denied the value and selection that car sharing marketplaces offer and New York car owners are unable to offset the high cost of owning and maintaining a vehicle in New York without peer-to-peer car sharing. Without this statutory update for car sharing, the current regulatory landscape offers very few alternatives for New York consumers at these peak times. Car owners are no longer able to offset the high cost of owning and maintaining a vehicle in New York without peer-to-peer car sharing.
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Coalition of Community Advocates Support Bringing Car Sharing to NY


A diverse coalition of New York's leading community groups want to bring peer-to-peer car sharing to New York, a system that will expand the travel and tourism options for New Yorkers and visitors to the Empire State.
Returning to New York requires a law change and despite bi-partisan support for legislation, the New York state legislature refused to allow a vote on the issue in June 2016.
List of Supporters:

Urban Justice Center

Bike New York

New York Communities for Change

Banana Kelly Community Improvement

The Gathering for Justice National Action
Network (Bronx Chapter)

 National Association of University

Brown Memorial Baptist Church


New Tabernacle Baptist Church

Network Mothers on the Move

African Advisory Council

Circle of Sisters and Brothers Moves

A Cause A Concern A Solution

Hudson Heights Owners Coalition

Indian Business Association

South Flushing Civic Association

Haitian American Caucus

Street Corner Resources

Southeast Bronx Neighborhood Centers

Team First

Bronx Parent Housing Network





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March 2017 – TechNet’s first Arizona Lobby Day

Turo was delighted to join a dozen TechNet companies in Phoenix for the first Arizona Lobby Day. Advocating for HB 2440, a bill which would encourage the state of Arizona to use new economy substitutes for their state fleet of cars, the Government Relations team was proud to share with a range of legislators news about Turo’s growing presence in Scottsdale.

A highlight of the day was TechNet companies, including Turo, being recognized from the floor of the state legislature.

March 2017 – Turo testifies before Maryland state legislature

On March 3, Turo joined the Internet Association in testifying against HB 1520, a bill which would require peer-to-peer car sharing companies to comply with a range of regulations intended for traditional car rental. Despite vigorous and dramatic testimony from Enterprise Holdings and American Car Rental Association, the committee decided against taking action on the bill.

The issue was raised again in the Senate Finance Committee on March 7, and again Turo’s message of innovation and opportunity resonated. However, the Finance Committee’s previous experience crafting regulatory frameworks for other sharing economy businesses in the ride sharing and home sharing space, has inspired them to act similarly for car sharing. While the Senate bill SB 1056 did not progress further in this legislative session, the Committee Chair expressed desire to work further on this issue over the summer interim period.

Turo will continue to fight to preserve the ability of our hosts and travelers to use the platform to share a car within an appropriate regulatory framework.

February 2017 – Michelle Peacock addresses sharing economy issues at New York App Economy on a February 8 panel discussion presented by TechNet and the Progressive Policy Institute

Turo’s Vice President and Head of Government Relations, Michelle Peacock, joined a panel with representatives from SmartUp, CA Technologies, PPI and moderated by Rachel Haot, from 1776, in New York City. An interactive discussion among the panelists and attendees was robust, and covered a range of topics highlighting the tremendous growth of app-based businesses and the impacts on the New York area. Peacock emphasized the challenges for Turo with respect to New York, citing the need to modernize the insurance regulations to allow for peer-to-peer car sharing.

February 2017 – Turo joins TechNet at California Lobby Day in Sacramento

On February 6-7, Turo joined dozens of technology companies on visits to the California state capitol to discuss many issues facing the technology sector. With many technology-themed topics on the table, Turo’s Government Relations team raised the importance of protecting platform businesses from regulations intended to apply to the traditional incumbent players.

January 2017 – Turo visits state capitols; brings message of innovation and opportunity

Turo Government Relations team met with legislators in Tallahassee, FL and Jefferson City, MO to update them about Turo’s presence in those states and to explain how the company’s platform helps connect car owners and travelers.